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The changing face of ISIS

  • The changing face of ISIS FOU: The changing face of ISIS

    ISIS defectors have known it for several years. So have those who study these atrocities closely. But with the attack in Manhattan on Tuesday afternoon that claimed eight lives, it is becoming increasingly evident that there is something different about the extremists bringing blood and misery to the streets of…

  • House Democrats sue for records on Trump International Hotel lease FOU: Home Democrats take legal action against for records on Trump International Hotel lease

    The lawsuit represents the latest legal challenge to President Trump’s controversial decision to retain ownership of his international real estate firm, which operates the Trump International Hotel in a building leased from the government’s General Services Administration.

  • 'What is there to commemorate?' Corbyn's outrageous insult at Britain's World War 1 heroes FOU: ‘What exists to commemorate?’ Corbyn’s outrageous insult at Britain’s World War 1 heroes

    A CLIP of Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn criticising the money due to be spent remembering the centenary of World War One has sparked outrage as Remembrance Day moves closer.

  • What sets apart the 'Biggest Losers' who keep off the weight FOU: What sets apart the ‘Most significant Losers’who deflect the weight

    After competing in “The Biggest Loser,” many of the reality-show contestants have reluctantly regained the weight they sought to lose through extreme dieting and exercise.